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PocketPCR for at-home labs

Fernan Federici and his team from Laboratorio de Bioquímica | Centro Universitario de los Lagos did a great job teaching RT-PCR, RNA, ADN, LAMP, etc in the form of at-home labs during lockdown. Combining PocketPCR with other open labware such as GMOdetective reactions they achieved first positive results and have […]

How To Assemble PocketPCR

Nice video by Weiting Lin from Taichung showing how quick and easy it is to assemble and set up the PocketPCR kit. Thanks for the great design !! Doing PCR at home seems to be possible after this! Weiting Lin Thanks for your contribution, Weiting.

Totally a must!

My verdict, it is an amazing little, portable PCR machine that does the work. Still I believe it might need a cap or lid to cover the samples for further reactions when a small temperature difference is critical. Still for an everyday amplification it surpasses commercial machines. I definitely like […]